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Buried Boy - Johnny Gallagher

Let’s go out to the sticks
I wanna pin a red rose on you
I won’t break your skin
I am a gentleman through and through
I will waltz you around
Through the winter wind
What if you were for me
And I was for you again?

Let’s got out by the shed
I wanna see our breath in the air
I wanna see the motion censor lighting
Light your hair
I will steal your gasps
And then give them back
Dirty my knees in the grass
If it would make you laugh or crack a smile
Or sing or cry
You know the good kind 

Covered bridges
Thumbed out hitches
Run me over, I am signaling
Take good care, my flare is dwindling

Let’s sneak into the pool
I’ll keep watch while you skinny dip
Let’s climb up to the roof
We’ll pop a cork into the trees and drink
Let’s go down to the bench
And talk a lot
I may have insufficient breath
For the words I’ve got inside my head 
If they run out then we can kiss instead

Covered bridges, swinging switches
Reprimand me, I am innocent
Grab the fence your skin is glistening

Oh let’s go home for real
Where none of this seems to matter there
Dead bolts, night lights, pocket knifes
I ain’t ever been so terrified
I’m gonna lose my girl
Into the city night
I’m gonna lose my friends
I’m gonna lose my life into the streams 
And empty bits of me
Yeah into the sea

Burning bridges, severed stitches
I sit and watch the embers twitching
The buried boys seem more than missing

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